MYG stands for ‘mid-year gratitude’, which I’m doing each day this month. You can join me too – let me know what you’re grateful for today in the comments/social media.

We had someone come and paint my room today. Ever since we moved in I’ve been meaning to do it, but never got around to it. The previous owners had done some kind of pastel blotchy effect that never really did it for me. There were also a few holes where I had put up shelves and then taken them down (or had to move the screws because I am a rather slap dash DIYer). So my room is very fumey at the moment and I can’t sleep in there.

So today I am grateful that I can hide away down in my warm little studio. It is so good to have pleasant spaces, and especially during winter I tend to reflect on how rich I am in that regard. I can’t imagine how miserable life must be for people who live on the streets, where the cold would seep into your bones and never leave. I am grateful for warmth, for shelter, for an abundance of good things.

What are you grateful for today?