MYG stands for ‘mid-year gratitude’, which I’m doing each day this month. You can join me too – let me know what you’re grateful for today in the comments/social media.

2016-07-04 21.04.16-1

I’m rather glad that, as my mum says, I’m a perfect blend of her parents – I love making things in a craft sense and also love working out how to do handyman-type jobs around the place. I have very fond memories of my Papa’s garage, full of his meticulously sorted and cleaned tools, and of painting garden gnomes with him when I was about eight. Sadly I don’t have more than a couple of blurry memories of Mama (she died when I was two years old), but she was a creative genius, more out of necessity than some desire to fulfil a creative urge. I wish I could have learned sewing from her; mum talks reverently about being able to see a dress in a shop window, say to her mum, “I want one like that” and her mum being able to just whip up a perfect replica.

Anyway, today I relaid the vinyl floor in our kitchen. It looks really good, as long as you don’t look too carefully at the edges! Today I am grateful for having a spirit that is willing to have a go at something, the strength to be able to do physical labour of a sort, and the enjoyment of completing a task.

I’m also grateful, as depicted in the photo above, that the cats were able to both drink out of the same receptacle without fighting. They were obviously so discombobulated by the change they forgot to have a spat.

What are you grateful for today?