MYG stands for ‘mid-year gratitude’, which I’ll be doing each day this month. You can join me too – let me know what you’re grateful for today in the comments/social media.

It’s federal election day in Australia. A day when we can finally look forward to no more robo-calls, no more political ads, no more speculation on who will lead the country. We wandered into a quiet school hall mid-afternoon, had some friendly chit-chat with a volunteer as we collected our metre-long ballot papers, cast our votes and left. We decided not to have a #democracysausage and the man on the BBQ called after us, “you know your vote won’t count if you don’t buy a sausage!”

Unremarkable in many ways. And yet, such a wonderful privilege to be able to vote. So, today I am grateful that I live in a peaceful democracy. I am grateful for compulsory voting. I am grateful for those women who protested all those years ago so that women could vote. I am grateful that no matter who gets in, our lives won’t change much; there will be no bloodshed, violence or instability.

What are you grateful for today?