Hello Everyday Gratituders and welcome to the middle of the year!

It’s a gorgeous sunny winter’s day here in Sydney, and I’m going to sit down with a hot cup of coffee and my diary to do my snapshot pages. I’ve heard from some diary users that they really look forward to doing this exercise. I’m so glad! It also makes me realise I need to schedule some pleasant events for the upcoming month as all I have so far is work!

A nice thing happened this week. Sometimes it can be hard to look beyond our immediate circumstances to think about gratitude, and through my mum’s work with people in retirement communities she has heard many stories of people feeling quite depressed and defeated by their circumstances. I have lots of copies of the diary still, and there is still half a book left to use! So I was happy to donate some for her to give away, and the few she took when she was giving a talk this week were snapped up. I’m hoping she’ll be able to give out more when she goes on her visits, and that they will help people find lots of things (big and small) that they can be thankful for.

I have to admit I’ve let the daily routine of writing lapse in the past few weeks, but I have resolved to take it up again! I realise when I don’t write in the diary every day/couple of days how blurred my memory gets. I like being able to capture those jewels of delight as they happen – small delights, like the blazing blue of the sky today, or the feel of my kitten’s purring body in my arms, or bigger things like a friend taking a giant leap in her creative life, or a friend bravely sticking it out through hard medical treatment.

To celebrate getting to the middle of the year I’m going to blog every day about something I’m grateful for. I’d love you guys to share what you’re grateful for at the moment too, in the comments or on social media (#everydaygratituders). It’s a huge encouragement (not just to me, I’m sure!).